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The best Twitter sales bot for your NFT community

A fast and affordable multi-chain service: NFTBOT is the best way to automate sales alerts for your NFT project on Twitter.
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Crafted by a team of seasoned NFT experts

designed to deliver the highest level of accuracy and reliability

Fast sales updates

Stay on top of your NFT sales with updates delivered every minute to your Twitter account.
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Increased visibility and credibility

Showcase your NFT project's success and increase reach by displaying your sales updates on Twitter.
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Multi-Chain & Marketplace

Supports multiple blockchains & major NFT marketplaces to ensure you never miss a sale.
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Easily personalize the content displayed on your Twitter account like links, messages, Twitter tags, emojis...
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Reliable NFT bot

Our NFT Twitter bot is crafted by experienced NFT professionals, ensuring reliability and expertise in every update.
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Simple setup process

Easy-to-use setup app. Start tracking your NFT sales in less than 2 minutes.
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Supported chains

NFTBOT is a multi-chain Twitter bot. Whatever your blockchain, we have a solution for you.
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Plans that fit your need

Start with 14-day free trial. Cancel at anytime.


  • Tweet Sales: 1d
  • Track 1 contract
  • Max 100 tweets / month
  • Special images formats (gif, svg)
  • Track multiple marketplaces


  • Tweet Sales: Realtime
  • Tweet Sales: 1h
  • Track 1 contract + 10$ / contract
  • Special images formats (gif, svg)
  • Track multiple marketplaces
  • Support & Maintenance


  • Create custom images (banner, pfp...)
  • Add another chain support
  • Discord bot
  • Other customisations
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